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Mixed Vegetable Koftas
Recipe type: Main Meals
  • 1 small potato, grated
  • 1 small carrot, grated
  • 1 small zucchini, grated
  • 1 cup shredded cabbage, spinach or kale
  • 1 cup broccoli, grated
  • 1 cup cauliflower, grated
  • ¼ of a red onion, grated
  • equal parts chickpea and self raising flour to bind
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp high quality salt, unrefined & pepper to taste
  • Ghee for frying
  1. Mix the grated and shredded vegetables together and add turmeric, salt and pepper.
  2. Add just enough flour to bind the vegetables and spices together. Better not to over flour.
  3. Take small amounts and squeeze out any excess liquid and roll into small balls.
  4. Do this with all of the mix while ghee is heating.
  5. Give another gentle squeeze and when ghee is hot place them gently into hot ghee.
  6. Cook for around 5 - 8 minutes and drain on kitchen paper.
  7. Serve with tomato based sauce, sprinkled with coriander.