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Ghee is one of the most valuable foods and medicines known, according to the texts of Ayurveda.
Recipe type: The Basics
  • Ingredients
  • 250 g organic unsalted butter
  1. Place butter in a saucepan over heat and bring to a slow boil
  2. Continue cooking until bubbly froth appears to rise to the surface
  3. Lift off with a spoon and discard
  4. Continue to remove the froth until a clear golden liquid emerges
  5. Strain through a piece of muslin into a heat proof glass bowl
Ghee is a rejuvenator. It is a nutritive. It increases and protects bone marrow and nerve tissues. Promotes fertility. Increase immunity. Improves intelligence and mental functions, strengthen brain tissue. Improves vision. Promotes liver function and the digestion of fats. Improves the voice. Enhances enzyme function in intestines and tissues. Strengthens the kidneys. Cleanses the blood and plasma. Promotes uptake of all nutrients in food cooked in it.