Del–Immune V – A Natural Boost for Your Immunity. Buy Online!

Del-Immune V Capsule Bottle – 25mg



DelImmune V – A Natural Boost for Your Immunity

Del-Immune V provides immediate & natural immune support to help boost your immune system responsiveness.

Onset of action for Del-Immune V® is usually four to six hours.


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  • Del-Immune V® capsules naturally activate the innate component of our immune system. Taking advantage of the natural immune processes, Del-Immune V® creates an inhospitable environment for pathogens in our body. As Dr. Elin Ritchie says, Del-Immune V immune supplements “are like vitamins for boosting your immune system.”
  • Del-Immune V® supplements contain biological components found in bacterial cells and cell walls that are important to increase immune system response. Del-Immune V® is derived from a probiotic strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (DV strain). Our body recognizes these components and turns on our immune defenses. Some of these responses are immediate, helping us mount an immune defense against foreign pathogens. Other responses prime the rest of our immune system to quickly act and generate a high-affinity response to any foreign pathogens.
  • Each Del-Immune V® immune system supplement contains 25 mg Lactobacillus rhamnosus (DV strain) lysate powder. Other ingredients include purified cellulose powder NF and vegetable capsules. Del-Immune V® has virtually no side effects even when the product is taken for prolonged periods of time. Del-Immune V® immunity vitamins can be used simultaneously with prescription medications and/or with other nutritional supplements. Del-Immune V® is gluten and dairy free.


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For immediate immune support, take one or two capsule at morning and at night for four days or longer. Thereafter take two capsules daily for at least five days.

Many health professionals recommend more frequent dosing.

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